Your Roccbox Wood Burner

and how to get the best results from it!

For all of our wood fired enthusiasts, there are a few steps in the fire up process that are vital when ensuring you are running an efficient, high heat burn.


We always recommend using a kiln dried, kindling, hardwood that is preferably ash, oak or beech. If we are being really specific, the wood should have a moisture content of 12% or less as this will mean that very little ash is produced.

We often get asked if wood pellets can be used in our burner. Whilst we certainly aren’t ruling these out and are aware that this is a great fuel for some, in our experience we have found that this is the only fuel that can cause blockages in the burner when the fire is not well managed.

Also remember to store your wood in a dry place at all times so that it doesn’t take on any unnecessary moisture.

Top tip – Chop your wood into chunky kindling lengths of around 5 inches and up to 1 inch thick for the perfect size kindling for your Roccbox burner.

Managing your fire

To start your fire up, place your first piece of kindling and a natural fire lighter in the hopper shoot before lighting and pushing down into the burners chamber using your hopper tool/bottle opener.

Allow this to burn down before popping 2-3 more pieces of kindling into the shoot, balancing them half in the shoot whilst the fire below burns the other half.

Once these first few pieces are burning fully, you should be able to see a flame at the back of the Roccbox oven. At this point you can then add additional pieces, we recommend 3-4 initially and begin to bring your Roccbox up to cooking temperature.

Remember – If you are using Roccbox in particularly windy or wet conditions, this may have an affect on the strength of the flame and the time it takes to get your Roccbox up to temperature.

Check out a video showing how to fire up your wood burner here!


Woods to avoid

Old Pallets
Painted Stained Wood
Unknown Timber
Old Christmas Tree’s

Woods to use

Fruit Trees – Apple, Pear etc
Compressed Briquettes

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