Serious Eats Crowns Roccbox #1 Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

“A reliable, easy to use power house of an oven that will make you want to have a pizza party every single weekend”

J.Kenji Lopez-Alt

King of home cooking science, J.Kenji Lopez-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, the recognised go- to site for impressive, inventive and seriously delicious food in the US and Worldwide.

A New York Times best seller for The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science, Kenji has selected the world’s top outdoor pizza ovens and put them to the test with Roccbox crowned “number one” and proving to be Kenji’s favourite out of all the ovens he tested.

Kenji got his hands on Roccbox and put it to the test, comparing it alongside existing pizza cooking equipment on the market. The results were impressive: “You can feel how solidly machined and constructed this oven is” says the chef.

Kenji set Roccbox up on a table top and recorded oven performance and cook times with some of his favourite features including Roccbox’s ability to reach 900°F as well as the benefit of not having to close the oven opening with a door. He also loved the versatility of the oven, acknowledging that the oven is able to cook far more than just pizza.

“The best part? It’s so simple to use, just switch it on and let it go. No babysitting, no monitoring, and within half an hour its ready to bake up a Neapolitan pizza, with bake times of 75 to 90 seconds. “

For the full review visit Serious Eats, or watch the video.


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