Chef Joe Boiling on what makes Roccbox totally unique

Laura asks Joe, the in-house chef at Gozney, what’s the big deal with Roccbox? 

Having worked for years in Gastro pubs and a host of award-winning fine dining restaurants across the UK,  Joe has a wealth of experience cooking in a range of professional catering environments.

Now a Gozney team member, Joe spends his time developing custom Roccbox ready recipes and training experienced and novice chef’s in the use of Gozney commercial ovens. Joe also plays a part in the innovation and development of new products at Gozney, adding a chef’s valuable opinion to the innovative developments taking place at Gozney HQ.

So Joe, what is Roccbox? 

Roccbox is an ingenious, compact, high-heat stone oven. Capable of a totally unique range of cooking techniques, Roccbox is basically a large, professional stone oven, condensed down into a nifty piece of cooking equipment. 

Tell me then Joe, what’s the big deal with Roccbox? What makes it so special? 

Apart from the obvious social benefits of cooking in Roccbox (when I cook in Roccbox at home, it’s not long before someone wants to get involved as soon as you switch it on!) it brings me so much pleasure and it’s not long before you have company. Cooking on the stove does not have the same inclusive appeal! 

So, apart from the social and novel appeal of cooking in Roccbox, everyone’s talking about pizza, what’s the low down? 

Roccbox has earnt its name as the best pizza oven, but it offers so much more than that.

We’ve had some incredible and experienced pizza chefs work with us down at Gozney HQ (Franco Manca, et al) and they laugh at the idea of an oven this compact performing in the same way as their professional equipment – but every single one of them is won over after one Roccbox pizza!

Neapolitan pizza is regarded as an art form for some, with ingredients and authenticity in cook taken very seriously. Roccbox has the incredible ability to produce authentic Neapolitan pizza at home, this is due to its stone floor and ability to reach 500°C/ 932°F.

Apart from pizza, Roccbox’s unique dry heat environment is incredible for baked goods, such as breads and desserts. Professional chefs and bakers attempt to create similar results using water techniques in conventional ovens but Roccbox does it effortlessly. I challenge anyone to bake a better loaf than what can be achieved in Roccbox.

“Roccbox has earnt its name as the best pizza oven, but it offers so much more than that.”


Apart from pizza, what are the specific benefits you experience as a chef when you use Roccbox? 

The ability to use this compact stone oven at varying temperatures brings many benefits, especially if you are looking to experiment or broaden your horizons when cooking meat dishes.

At the high, dry temperatures in Roccbox something fantastic happens to meat! Fat renders down and caramelises, producing incredible flavour that anyone would be pushed to achieve without Roccbox.

Similar cooking results can be achieved in professional kitchens using commercial high temperature chargrills, however, Roccbox brings this specialist cooking technique home.

I cooked short ribs and steak with Roccbox just last week, these were infinitely better when cooked in Roccbox than in any other way I have cooked the dish previously.

“At the high, dry temperatures in Roccbox something fantastic happens to meat!” 

So Roccbox is impressive when handling meat dishes, what about veggie options? 

Roccbox has a lot to offer for unique meat cooking ability, but that is by no means restricted to just red meat. I have never worked with anything that can cook ingredients so quickly. Meats are seared to lock in flavour swiftly, but the same happens when cooking vegetables. Veggie dishes retain their crispiness and nutrients, whilst rapidly charring and browning adding additional flavours. High water content vegetables such as mushrooms and spinach are vastly improved with faster cook times as they don’t steam in their own liquids. 

So you noticed speedier meals cooked by Roccbox? 

Definitely! The speed of which you can knock up meals is incredible. It serves to enthuse and entertain a hungry family with its faster results. However, as a chef used to working long, anti-social hours, I want to be able to share amazing food in the brief time I have to share with friends and family, Roccbox is perfect for that.

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