Wood vs Gas

Tradition or Convenience?
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Wood fired ovens have a mesmerising effect and cooking with fire has been something that us humans have done for thousands of years. It’s quite theatrical and is a guaranteed talking point with your guests, inevitably flocking round to get a closer look.

However, Roccbox was designed to provide the best of both worlds; The ability to cook with wood for the traditionalist and a unique gas burner for those looking for a more convenient way to cook, so it’s no surprise that we’re often asked “which is better?”

The answer is that both fuels have their pros and cons, so we put together a little more information to help you make up your own mind…

Gas Burner Roccbox
The Gas Burner

The Roccbox gas burner is designed for people that want to have all the enjoyment of stone floor cooking but with optimum convenience. What’s fantastic about cooking with gas is the consistency and the control you have to ensure your pizza bases come out the oven perfectly crisp every time and your meat and fish dishes are cooked through to absolute perfection.

Concerned you won’t achieve that same great flavour from gas than you would be able to achieve from wood? Don’t be. Some of the top pizzerias in the world opt to use gas fired commercial ovens to achieve their beautifully leopard-spotted Neapolitan pizza crusts and mouthwateringly caramalised meats and vegetable dishes.

Roccbox Wood Burner
The wood burner

The Roccbox wood burner produces smoke that elevates the food with a unique flavour that can’t be achieved in a conventional oven. This smoke ‘infusion’ complements all meat, fish, bread and pizza dishes beautifully. One of our favourite things to do is add a handful of fresh aromatic herbs (such as rosemary or thyme) into the wood burner when the dish is almost finished. You can’t beat the herby, smokey aftertaste this process brings to the table!

We recommend using kiln dried, hardwood within the ovens burner for a clean, consistent burn – you can even play around with different wood types to achieve the best flavour possible!

It’s also worth noting that cooking with wood is a more hands-on process. You’re essentially stoking a really small, powerful fire so there is a requirement to tend to its needs. For many, this is all part of the experience and they wouldn’t have it any other way. For others, time and convenience is of the essence – but it wouldn’t be Roccbox without the option to cook with wood.

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