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Included in your Roccbox order is a Roccbox wood and gas fired oven, gas burner, wood burner, pizza peel, Roccbox keyring and user manual.

Yes! Roccbox is completely portable weighing only 20kg. Roccbox can be used for camping holidays, beach trips, on boats, in the garden – pretty much anywhere you like!

Roccbox weighs just 20kg. It is super portable, compact and lightweight.

You can cook almost anything that your conventional oven can cook, only faster and with better results! Roccbox allows you to:


  • Create authentic Neapolitan pizza in 90 seconds
  • Bake breads and pastries to perfection
  • Beautifully caramelise steaks in the oven’s dry heat
  • Produce mouth watering crackling and crispy skins by rendering down the fat from joints of meat
  • Smoke meat and fish using special smoke trays inside the oven chamber (coming to Roccbox very soon!)
  • Roast and grill your favourite meat and vegetable dishes

Roccbox takes only 15 minutes to heat up, depending on the ambient conditions and fuel type used.

Yes! Both the body of the oven and the cooking floor itself are fully insulated for increased heat retention.

Roccbox has an authentic, stone cooking floor which is perfect for baking bread and cooking pizzas directly on the floor – creating perfectly crisp crusts.

Not much at all. Expect a small amount of smoke whilst the oven is getting up to temperature. Otherwise, Roccbox is relatively smokeless – amazing!

Depending on external ambient conditions and the type of wood that you are using, you can expect to use a small bag of kindling per hour in the oven.

How quickly can you top a pizza?! With a bit of practice, you can feed a party of 10 within half an hour – when at optimum temperature, Roccbox can cook a pizza in under 90 seconds.

Due to the high temperatures that Roccbox reaches, the cooking floor is relatively self cleaning, burning away any leftover food residue – ideal! As for externally, Roccbox can be cleaned with standard household cleaning products that are suitable for silicone and stainless steel.

Not to worry, Roccbox falls into the same category as a household BBQ and produces less smoke than one.

When using the gas burner, Roccbox should be run on propane or patio gas.

We always recommend kiln dried, hard wood kindling. They have a very low moisture content meaning they burn really efficiently and get your Roccbox up to temperature in no time.

Yes! Roccbox is soon to be launched worldwide.