Franco Manca serve hungry queues with Roccbox

Franco Manca, the UK’s leading authentic pizza chain, is opening stores across the country, serving free Neapolitan pizza with the help of Roccbox.

Serving over 200 fresh, free pizza’s to customers each day during their opening weeks, Franco Manca have created a stir at their Guildford and Bournemouth sites with more restaurants due to open in Reading and Islington shortly.

Franco Manca use Gozney professional ovens for their restaurant’s pizza ovens, however when the chain needed additional on-street support during opening weeks, Gozney provided Franco Manca with Roccbox.

Roccbox’s portably, ease of use ,build quality and ability to reach temperatures over 500°C/ 932 °F ensured Franco Manca could cook their authentic, Neapolitan pizza perfectly whilst still keeping up with the demanding service.

The free pizza campaign has enabled Franco Manca to reach out to new customers in busy city centres, attracting crowds of inquisitive potential customers with a street food style set up outdoors.

A newly opened restaurant with a larger Gozney commercial oven can ensure a fast, efficient service is completed for diners indoors, whilst Roccbox enthuses and feeds gathering crowds outdoors.

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