Real User: Oli Gill Roasts in Roccbox

Don’t get us wrong, pizza is always delicious but sometimes you just need a good old fashioned roast dinner!

When we saw fellow Dorset resident and Roccboxer, Oli’s wood-fired roast beef, with all the trimmings, we knew we had to share it with you. Here Oli shares how he cooked an entire roast dinner in his Roccbox using wood.



Firstly start chopping the carrots, parsnips and red and white onions into a large rough dice.

Blanch off the tender stem broccoli and baby leeks until just soft then place in cold water to cool.

Cut and par boil your potatoes, drain and shake them up a little, roughing up the surface then leave to cool.

Remove your meat from the fridge and bring up to room temperature.


Roast off the roughly chopped veg with plenty of garlic, lots of olive oil, some fresh rosemary and thyme and a good pinch of seasoning. This took around 45-50 mins in a cast iron pan – make sure you check and stir regularly (take a look below for tips).

The main event – Make sure the beef has had some proper time out of the fridge before cooking, dry the meat out slightly and season well. I also added a few cloves of garlic, some rosemary, thyme and a little spoon of wild garlic butter to pack in some extra flavour. Wrap with foil for the first half and then remove to crisp and char the joint before resting (timings of this really depend on your joint of choice and how you like it cooked).

Once you’ve put your meat to one side to rest, put the pan back in the oven with all those lovely beef drippings (topping up with some veg oil if you need to). Really heat this up and then pop your par boiled potatoes in to roast these off. As you are only finishing the potatoes off in your Roccbox, it’s good to have a large flame going the whole time (10-15 mins) and keep tossing and coating the potatoes in the drippings.

Next, add plenty of butter, garlic and olive oil to a pan and place it in the oven until it starts to bubble, then add your blanched tender stem broccoli and baby leeks and fry off until slightly charred.

Another great thing about Roccbox is that you really don’t have to worry about things cooling down too much which when cooking outside is inevitable. The intense heat and minimal heat loss means you can quickly and easily re-heat before serving.


Get your Roccbox lit and then make a start on the prep, checking back every 5-10 minutes and topping up the wood. You want to get your Roccbox up to around 250 degrees c with lots of wood from the beginning.

Once you’ve put the pan in to cook, let the fire die right down, just feeding it enough wood to keep it going, this way you’ll be less likely to burn things!

I would then continue this routine of building up then dying down several times throughout cooking.

Also it may sound obvious, but make sure your meat fits well through the oven opening, on my first attempt it was a little tight and as the meat firmed up in the oven it was tricky getting it back out!

Thanks so much to Oli Gill for sharing his Roccbox Roast recipe with us! Check out his blog to get your taste buds tingling even more!

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