Roccbox Arrives on Necker Island…

Chris Kenny, originally born in Lancashire UK, is now the Head Chef on Sir Richard Branson’s very own Necker Island, living in paradise and feeding both the guests and staff alike.

Having already had a commercial wood fired oven from our sister company Gozney Ovens installed on the island, Chris is now experimenting with the world of high heat cooking using Roccbox. He’s even taken it on a kayak to a sand spit just off the island – quite possibly the most unique and exotic Roccbox location ever!

Want to see what else Chris has been up to? Search @neckerheadchef on instagram for more epic shots!

Think you could rival Chris’ Necker Island shots?! We’d love to see your Roccbox in use wherever you are in the world. Be sure to share them across our social channels using #roccbox.

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