Top Tips for a Roccbox Dinner Party

Roccbox is a super versatile piece of cooking equipment. Ultimately a high-heat, compact, stone oven, Roccbox can cook so much more than just pizza. This weekend, host your own Roccbox dinner party!

Check out Roccbox’s selection of ever growing recipes for dinner party inspiration. Intrigued? You should be, restaurants and pop- up pizzerias are using Roccbox’s around the world to cook every day. Roccbox was made for dinner party dining.

Easy to use and unique, Roccbox will slash cook times and keep your guests enthralled all night. You can even dish out cooking responsibilities as guests simply can’t resist getting involved with cooking in Roccbox.

To keep your dinner party fun and stress-free, Joe Boiling, Roccbox Chef has compiled a list of Top Tips for a Roccbox Dinner Party.

Cook something you are confident with

Now is not the time to try and re-create those amazing seafood pancakes you had on holiday that you’re pretty sure you can make. Pick a dish or dishes that you know well and you can cook consistently to a high standard. Now is probably not the time for experimentation. 

Practice makes perfect  

Whatever you decide to cook, practice it! Professional chefs will spend an age tweaking and perfecting a dish until they’re happy with it, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Preparing a dish you are proud of and confident cooking, will ease the pressure on the evening and ensure your guests leave impressed.

Try cooking a simple steak recipe 

Be a boy scout- be prepared

Make sure you’ve got enough crockery and cutlery for the guests you’ve invited and the dishes you’re cooking. 5 guests over for a delicious rib eye steak and only 2 steak knives is no good!

Try miniature cast iron dishes to serve individual starters or mains hot to the table, or go casual with a Tapas offering. Another tip is to lay drinks out for your guests, encouraging them to help top themselves up, so you don’t have to run around filling empty glasses, leaving you to concentrate on serving great food.

Mise en place saves your ass

Peeling and dicing onions whilst your guests arrive? No way! Have as much prep done beforehand as you can (without compromising on quality obviously!) It’ll give you more time to be the wonderful, cool as a cucumber, super organised host that you are!

Be social- make it social

We’ve all been to a dinner party and hardly seen the host as they slave over a stove stirring a risotto relentlessly. Sure, the risotto would have been delicious, but isn’t it better to see your host more than just occasionally? Plan a menu that allows you to mingle with your friends or let your guests get involved in Roccbox cooking. A lovely platter of salads and sides can be prepared in advance whilst you let everyone loose cooking their own steaks in Roccbox!

Prepare salads and platters in advance. 

We believe you can’t go far wrong with a Roccbox dinner party, guests will be watching their fresh food cook before their eyes and Roccbox makes a great conversation starter. Remember to relax, this should be as enjoyable for yourself as well as for your guests, besides, even if the worst came to the worst, a disaster of a dinner party always creates a great story.

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