Roccbox’s Perfect Pizza Dough

Recipe by Marcus White
Serves 8
  • 1000g Flour (we recommend Allinsons strong white)
  • 3-4g Fresh yeast (available from most supermarket bakeries)
  • 20g Sea salt
  • 10g Extra virgin olive or rapeseed oil
  • 625g Water
  • Here at Roccbox HQ we think this dough recipe is the closest that you can get to a true Neapolitan pizza dough without being in Naples! We have substituted some of the ingredients with ones that are easier to come by in our local british supermarkets but for a true Neapolitan dough, be sure to use type 0 or type oo flour.

    Note – if you are using a domestic kitchen mixer, you may need to half these quantities to allow them to fit in your machine.

    Pizza dough ingredients

    Pour the flour, salt, oil and water into a bowl. If you are using fresh yeast, rub this between your fingers into the flour – similar to making a crumble.

    Hint – This recipe creates a traditional Neapolitan dough that can be messy to handle. If you would like a more robust, easier to manage dough, use just 600g of water.

    Oil being pured on pizza dough ingredients

    Mix the ingredients by hand or with a machine. When doing this, ensure that you scoop the mixture from the bottom of the bowl and fold the dough on top of itself. You should continue to mix your dough to around 15 minutes until you have one large, smooth ball.

    Doughy hands

    If you are making your dough on the day, put the dough on your kitchen worktop and cover with a slightly damp tea towel for one hour.

    If you are making your dough the day before, pop the dough into a ziplock bag, push all of the air out and leave it on your kitchen worktop for 30 mins. Once this time is up, pop the bag in the fridge for between 12-24 hours.

    Dough getting chopped

    To create the perfect size pizza for your Roccbox, now is the time to divide the dough out into 200g portions, folding these into balls as you go. Once you have used all of the dough (you should have around 8 balls), place these on a clean tray or worktop, cover with a damp tea towel and leave to prove until they have double/tripled in size.

    Dough balls being folded

    Your dough is now ready to be stretched!

    See our blog post ‘How to prep your pizza base’ for our hints and tips on how to make the perfect Roccbox pizza here.

    Dough balls

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