How to Prep a Pizza

Recipe by Patrick Welton
Serves 1
  • Dough
  • Roccbox veteran Pat shares his technique on how to turn a dough ball into the perfect pizza base. Once you’ve mastered this, the sky’s the limit and this basic technique should work with almost all dough types that you’d use to make pizza.

    Lightly flour your work surface (with either high quality flour, semolina or a mix of both) and place your dough ball down. Using your thumbs initially, push the dough ball from its centre towards the outside.

    Now switch to using your fingers if needed and ensure you are pushing down and out towards the edge, leaving a centimeter (un-squished) edge for the crust. You should end up with a flat doughnut like piece of dough (without the hole hopefully!)

    Note – Don’t push down on the crust! Doing so could result in losing those lovely bubbles in the dough that the proving process created.

    Pizza base preperation

    Now is the fun bit! Pick your dough up between your finger and thumb just below the crust and turn it quickly (like a steering wheel) all the around, letting gravity stretch the base as it moves and taking care not to crush the outer edge.

    Continue to do this until the dough is thin enough to see light through in parts but watch out for holes because you’ll have difficulty repairing a broken base.

    Pat lifting the dough

    Always make sure there is plenty of flour on the work surface before placing down your base. We often put them straight onto a floured pizza peel to save having to shift a loaded pizza later on.

    Once you’re done, pull the edges slightly to ensure its rounded and re-press in the crust with your fingers if needed.

    Pizza base crust

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