The portable stone bake oven

Roccbox makes authentic 500°C cooking simple, fun and convenient.

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Change the way you cook outdoors

Until now, stone bake ovens have only been accessible to those with a big budget and permanent, outdoor space. Roccbox solves these problems and brings authentic wood and gas fired cooking to everybody. It is a creative and addictive way to share social time with friends and family and we believe that once you taste the results, it’ll change the way you cook and socialise forever.

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Food so amazing you’ll never look back

As soon as you have your hands on Roccbox, you will want to explore its versatility. In Roccbox, you have the ability to cook at temperatures much higher than a conventional oven and this is the key to the unique textures and flavours you'll now be able to create at home. We think that these unbeatable results are the reason that anyone who tries the food produced falls in love with Roccbox instantly.

90 second Neapolitan pizza

Originating from Naples in Italy, Neapolitan pizza is regarded the best in the world. It has a super light, fluffy rise with crispy, charred spots and ideally made with a good sourdough. A temperature of 500°C is required in order to achieve the optimum pizza cooking environment.

Roccbox’s porous stone floor crisps up the pizza from the base up whilst the rolling flame cooks the pizza top down resulting in an exceptionally quick and evenly cooked pizza.

Blitz fish skin to crisp, crunchy perfection

Fish and seafood dishes cook beautifully and effortlessly in Roccbox. The intensely dry heat will cook your fish dishes through in no time whilst locking in moisture, keeping the fish succulent. But it is the perfectly crisp skin that really steals the show – achieved in a way that no conventional oven ever could!

Dishes such as garlic king prawns and hot smoked salmon can be produced within minutes, the rolling flame licking the food leaving behind a mouth-watering, unique flavour.

Bake impossibly good flatbreads

Roccbox’s porous stone floor lends itself perfectly to baking breads, ensuring a perfectly crisp crust every time. Ideal for creating flatbreads out of your leftover pizza dough or favourite artisan recipe, the high heat cooking environment means your dough will rise to beautifully fluffy loaves within seconds, not forgetting the delicious charring and spotting that is only achievable by authentic stone baking.

Use Roccbox at a lower temperature to bake your flatbreads, remove from the oven and stuff with your favourite cheeses and cured meats. Place back in the oven to toast and melt down for a mouth-watering, stone baked, deli style sandwich – you’ll never want to buy a shop bought snack ever again!

Veggies in a flash

The intense cooking environment of Roccbox is ideal for crafting impossibly tasty vegetable dishes. Soft and sticky sweet potato wedges, crisp and caramelised Mediterranean vegetables and deliciously seared asparagus are all incredibly quick and simple to execute.

The high heat environment will rapidly cook the food through whilst the rolling flame will catch the edges of your vegetables leaving behind the crispy charring that make roasted vegetable dishes irresistible.

Roccbox is in hot demand. We've now shipped over 2000 units to our initial backers.

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Roccbox includes two specially engineered burners

Originally, both burners were going to be sold as separate products. However, during the testing stages of Roccbox, we soon realised that both wood and gas offer a unique cooking experience that everyone should be able to experience right out of the box. All customers will receive both a wood and a gas burner, with hose.

Wood Burner

Roccbox’s wood burner is an engineering masterpiece and was the most challenging part of creating Roccbox. The entire burner has been designed to draw air through its body, creating an intense flame with a secondary combustion that has all the power of a mini jet flame without the need of a power source. It really is a pretty cool piece of engineering!

Wood burner video
Gas Burner
Roccbox’s gas burner was a challenging component to get right. Although skilfully designed, it is the more simplistic of the two burners in terms of operational use and maintenance. You simply can't beat the consistency or convenience of a constant, regulated flame when optimising an environment for cooking. Simply turn the gas burner on and adjust the temperature to suit your cooking style.
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Designed and built to exacting standards

Roccbox is built from the highest quality, commercial grade materials designed ensuring durability and longevity. Roccbox boasts the right balance of quality and affordability whilst ensuring the oven remains portable and lightweight.

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How it works

1 Roccbox’s body is comprised of multiple steel layers with a dense, space-age insulated jacket. All encapsulated in a sleek, protective silicone outer sleeve.

2 Roccbox’s insulated internal stone floor is retained in a stainless steel base plate, with anti-warp reinforcement joist, ensuring durability and longevity.

3 The ovens’ thermal elements begin to store and radiate heat, creating a rolling flame, saturating it evenly throughout the oven.

4 Interchangeable burner connection allowing an easy switch between the wood and gas burner attachments.

Portable & effortlessly easy to use

Ease of use was in the forefront of our minds when designing Roccbox. After almost 100 material and composition variations, and numerous design tweaks, we've got it just right!

Light enough for one person to carry
Dense enough to work effectively but light enough for one person to carry. The handy carry strap we have designed means that lifting Roccbox out of its box is a breeze and at just 20kg, Roccbox can be carried short distances single handedly ready to pop up wherever you chose!
Simplified temperature gauge
The under-floor thermocouple thermometer monitors temperatures and displays them on an easy to read dial for easy heat control and consistent cooking results. Our colour coded dial represents the various cooking phases that can be achieved in the oven. Look out for these colours featured in our recipe section!
Stainless steel body & stone floor
We went through countless variations to get the right balance of density and porosity to ensure the stone performed excellently and created delicious pizza. Once saturated with heat, Roccbox's cordierite stone absorbs moisture whilst cooking from the bottom up.

Roccbox has been sold in 36 countries and featured in publications all over the world.

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Everything you need to get started

We want everyone who receives a Roccbox to be able to get outside and get cooking as soon as they receive it meaning we have filled the box with absolutely everything you are going to need to get started.

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What you get
  • Roccbox Oven in Grey or Green with under-floor, built in thermometer
  • Gas burner attachment with hose
  • Wood burner attachment
  • Commercial grade pizza peel
  • Carry strap
    (To aid lifting Roccbox out of the box)
  • Instruction manual complete with recipes
  • Roccbox bottle opener
    (A handy tool that can also be used to open the wood hopper)
  • Width
  • Length
  • Height
    473mm (Legs extended)
  • Weight
    20kg / 44.1lbs
  • Heat up time
    15 Minutes (Avg.)
  • Max temperature
    500°c+ / 932°f+
  • Cooking floor
    315mm x 340mm
  • Body & Legs
    Stainless Steel
  • Cooking floor
    Engineered stone
  • Outer jacket
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