Gigio’s ‘Bouquet Pizza’

The perfect mother's day present!

Here at Roccbox HQ we absolutely love seeing members of our community sharing their recipes, so with it being UK Mother’s Day this weekend, as soon as we saw Gigio’s Bouquet Pizza, we just knew we had to share it!


Fry your aubergine, being careful not to overcook.

Mix the ricotta cheese with the aubergines and a couple of teaspoons of grated parmesan, 3 tsp of tomato base sauce and a sprinkle of salt before putting to one side.

 Stretch your pizza base as usual (see our tips on this here).

 Spread the ricotta cheese and aubergine mix on the right side of your base.

Add some tomato base sauce onto the left side of the base.

Spread the julienned mozzarella over the pizza (left and right side).

Along the central line, grab the top and bottom of your base and pull together, folding over the aubergine side as if you are closing up a coat (leaving one side open – see picture below). Press these two sides down and seal.

Spread the cherry tomatoes on the remaining visible area, before adding some basil, grated parmesan and oil.

Pop in your Roccbox at around 300 degree’s on a low flame to allow the lower part to cook through before switching to a high flame, allow the toppings to crisp up and the cheese to melt.

Once cooked, add flowers and the rest of the basil leaves, wrap the parma ham around the lower part of the bouquet in order to simulate a knot.


250g Dough ball

60g Julienned mozzarella

Salted tomato base sauce

80g Cherry tomatoes

60g Ricotta cheese

Extra virgin olive oil

Half aubergine, julienned

Basil leaves

Slices of parma ham

Thanks so much to Gigio for the recipe and pictures! Check out his instagram account for more pizza inspiration here.

If you have a recipe you’d like us to share on our blog, get in contact!

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