Roccbox does International Pizza Day

International Pizza Day - Friday 9th February

What better excuse to get your Roccbox out for a fire up than to celebrate International Pizza Day?

Invite your friends and family over for a Roccbox pizza party and use our top tips for an easy going, yet fun-filled experience.


Research into the best dough recipe for you. To become a true Pizzaiolo you will need to take your dough pretty seriously. Are you looking to create a true Neapolitan pizza or go for more of a New York style base?


It’s always better to have too much than not enough!

Utilise any extra dough balls by creating a sweet calzone for the kids, or bake the ball whole using Roccbox’s residual heat for the perfect bread roll. Fill with leftover toppings and that’s tomorrow’s lunch sorted!

Get your guests involved!

The beauty of a Roccbox pizza party is that you won’t end up slaving away in the kitchen for hours.

Clear a workspace, cover with flour and hand out the dough balls. Show your guests how to stretch their base (no rolling pins allowed) and allow them to top with their favourite toppings.


The key to keeping pizza interesting is using a variety of toppings. Ditch that can of sweetcorn and get yourself down to your local deli. Cured meats and artisan cheeses are the perfect way of adding a little extra to a standard Margherita!

Alternatively, go for a twist on the classics; pepperoni with a drizzle of honey is a firm favourite at Roccbox HQ.

Hosting for veggies or vegans? Roast some veg whilst Roccbox comes up to temperature and see if you can source a dairy free cheese alternative so they don’t feel like they are missing out.


Let’s be honest, it’s not a party without a cold bottle or glass in hand!

With every great pizza should be an equally great drink. Find out what everyone likes in advance and stock up. Craft beers are perfect for a casual dining experience and result in less washing up!

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