Roccbox’s Top 5 Tips For An Awesome Kids Pizza Party

By now, if you own a Roccbox you will be aware of its incredible pizza cooking abilities and perhaps you have ventured into alternative dishes from roasting vegetables and meats to baking. All in all, the adults are having lots of fun with the family’s top gadget, but move on over mum & dad, it is time you let the kids have their fun too!

Roccbox is known for many of its unique cooking abilities, including the potential to get kids to eat more veggies. It’s been said, that engaging children with food preparation and the cooking process results in more first-time taste trying and potentially more vegetables eaten as a whole!

The ovens protective silicone outer jacket makes Roccbox the safest oven of its kind for little hands. Roccbox is also sturdy and wipeable, perfect for a kids pizza party, just add a little help from mum or dad to cook and turn pizzas.

Roccbox’s super fast cook time is certain to enthrall young cooks as they watch raw food transformed to pizza perfection within a minute! However, unless you are Mary Poppin’s or a saint, a gaggle of excitable children can be a handful, follow our Top 5 Tips to reduce stress and provide a successful kids pizza party.

Ground rules are important

You’re working with a very hot Roccbox and probably some sharp objects too, it’s key to establish some ground rules early on. Only adults touch certain things, no picking your nose and that sort of thing. You could write your 5 kitchen commandments on a blackboard at the start.

Make a plan and draw a picture

Once the rules are in place and on the wall, a fun exercise is to get everyone to draw their pizzas first. It’s a fun, creative process that can help with speeding up the pizza making later and avoid any slowly made pizzas from getting stuck to peels!

Sneak in the healthy stuff

We’re not sure why, but kids seem more willing to eat healthy stuff on pizzas- particularly if they’ve drawn something green on their pizza drawing beforehand! Broccoli and peppers are great on pizza and the colours look bright and vibrant, making it pretty easy to convince the little ones that they have to have them on their pizza.

Plenty of toppings

Make sure you’ve got plenty of everything on hand- tantrums can derail the whole day if you run out of something! A wide range of choice also gives everyone the chance to experiment and have fun. But be conscious not to let anyone overload the pizzas too much…

 A chance to learn

Teach as you go throughout the day passing on as much knowledge as possible- you may have a future Michelin chef in your midst! As well as teaching cookery skills and creativity, pizza parties are a good opportunity to teach fractions when you slice the pizzas if the kids are a bit older too!

“The ovens protective silicone outer jacket makes Roccbox the safest oven of its kind for little hands.”

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