Garden Insider: What’s your Roccbox set up?

You ordered your Roccbox...

You’re waiting patiently for it to arrive. Most nights since have consisted of contemplating pizza topping combinations or deciding to try that sizzling steak recipe, which will you choose first?

All the obsessing over food and the thought of finally running your hands over Roccbox’s smooth, sleek design have you overlooking one minor consideration. “Where am I going to put it!?”

This article showcases the beautiful, the rustic and the downright genius Roccbox set ups. Lovingly crafted and assembled by hand, check out these custom Roccbox stands, situating Roccbox in its rightful spot as king of the garden – sorry BBQ!

Thanks to the passionate foodies and carpenters who shared their images.

Damian Zielinski

All great ideas begin with a sketch. Damian sketched out his ideal Roccbox set up. The result was nothing short of amazing, even incorporating the right Roccbox green. Set up envy anyone?

Graham Humpston

Some people say Roccbox’s pizza is so delicious, it will bring you to your knees. No one’s certain if Graham made it to the pizza first, however, Graham has since designed and constructed a custom outdoor cooking showpiece.

Matt Cole

This wooden structure has all you could need, from gas bottle storage, pizza rolling tiles and topping divider. This design scores extra points for its ingenious and custom Roccbox peel holder.

Jeff Goodman

Fusing Roccbox’s stealthy design with contrasting traditional brick, Jeff Goodman thinks Roccbox is “unbelievably awesome.” To echo Jeff’s thoughts, how unbelievably awesome is this set up? Complete with flat screen tv to catch the match, grab a hot pizza with a cold one from the fridge.

Dave Waterfield

Probably the most vertically ambitious project we have seen, Dave has nailed it with his multi-tiered design. A compact, yet stylish stand, including a recess for pizza waste or excess flour.

Peter Connaghan

A fusion of classic and contemporary, Peter’s simple and elegant design keeps Roccbox, right where it needs to be, the centre of attention.  Whilst neglected BBQ stays under wraps for foreseeable future…

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